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We do Concrete Lifting and Slab Jacking works with a wide variety of manufacturers of both man made and natural products.  So, no matter what your project requires, Seattle Concrete Lifting and Slab Jacking have both the products, as well as the experience, to install it right the first time.  We meet or exceed all manufacturer installation specifications, and implement our own higher standards of excellence.

We enable our customers to reduce costs and liability while increasing usability and regaining lost value.


Here at Seattle Foundation Repair we understand that the foundation of your home is paramount, not only for the safety and structural integrity of your home, but also essential in protecting and preserving the value of your home. Settled or sunken concrete is a common problem, especially in and around the Seattle area with our wet seasons. It shows up gradually, as the soil beneath a concrete slab or other element begins to compress or settle. Eventually, you notice that a concrete patio is tilting the wrong way, that a set of precast concrete stairs is leaning away from the house or that a section of a concrete walkway has sunken down, creating an unsafe walking environment or a situation where water is directed in a way that accelerates the problem.

We have your solution

Concrete settlement typically occurs because the soil beneath the concrete element simply can’t support the weight of the material. Instead of demolishing the sunken concrete, we can overcome weak soil problems and restore the concrete to its proper level and repair sunken concrete using proven concrete lifting and slab leveling techniques. Our innovative and proven technology is a long lasting, quick, and cost-effective option for both residential and commercial applications. Even better, your repaired concrete can be returned to use immediately after work is completed. Our method using environmentally friendly polyurethane foam can be done in any weather and will never break down – it’s impermeable to water. It will not sink or erode over time.

Why is Foam Injection Concrete Lifting better than other methods?

COSTS LESS – Foam injection costs 50/70% less than concrete replacement cost

NON INVASIVE – No heavy equipment to block or tear up your driveway, parking lot, or landscaping.

CLEAN – There is no water or mud mess after. Just level and smooth concrete. QUICK – Foam concrete lifting services can take as little as 15 minutes to a few hours, as opposed to days for other methods. Immediately area can be returned to use. LIGHTWEIGHT – Our eco-friendly polyurethane foam weighs just 2.5 lb and upper cu ft as opposed to grout or mud, which can be more than 150 lbs. LONG TERM – Foam not only fixes the problem, it eliminates the cause. Concrete settles due to decomposition, erosion, and groundwater migration. By injecting polyurethane foam into loose soils and voids, we strengthen the earth and provide water-tight encapsulation. The slab will remain serviceable for decades. Lift Aging Concrete Slabs & Stabilize your Infrastructure with our SUPERIOR FOAM INJECTION METHOD! No matter what kind of concrete slab you have that needs slab leveling and lifting, Seattle Foundation Repairs and our poly-jacking system can do the job! We can level sidewalks, driveways, tennis courts, garage floors, patios, and more. Contact us to learn more about all our services and receive an estimate. We will inspect your foundation, find out what is going on, and come up with a plan of action to fix your foundation. We offer quality foundation repair in Seattle and throughout Washington State.

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